Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Burt Bacharach
"Plays His Hits" (Vinyl)

Burt Bacharach is a musician's musician.  His catalog of songs reaches as far as Stevie Wonder or Bob Dylan.  They remain uniquely his, fashioned in his own inimitable way.  If I was going to be known as a songwriter, I think I'd choose Bacharach's output as my own.

This recording was released on Kapp.  I'm confused as to its origins, as there is an album called "Hit Maker!" with identical artwork that features much of this music in a different track order.
Regardless, the music on this album was tuned for 'mature' ears with Bacharach leading the orchestra and chorus. Solo vocals are not performed by anyone of notoriety (unlike Dionne Warwick or Tom Jones, who made many of Bacharach's tunes big hits.)

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