Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ormandy, Philadelphia Orchestra
"Dvorak: 'New World' Symphony" (Vinyl)

Ironically, the Philadelphia Orchestra had a picture of New York City's skyline slapped on the cover of the album.  I wonder who was in charge of that?

Billed as Dvorak's Symphony no. 5 'From the New World' as were many older recordings, (for a reason I can't learn right now) this is most commonly known as Dvorak's ninth symphony. 

Considered to be amongst the composer's best symphonic works, it is often recorded and bundled with his seventh and eighth symphonies.  The ninth is certainly his most famous symphony with melodies that would be recognizable by the masses.

The Philly Orchestra sounds great on this recording, particularly fiery, lush strings that embody the character perfectly.

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