Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lynn Harrell, James Levine
"Schubert: 'Arpeggione' Sonata" (Vinyl)

A few weeks ago Lynn Harrell announced to the world that he was selling his 1720 Montagnana cello, an instrument he has performed with for 50 years.

Also, considering that I had the privilege of performing Dvorak's cello concerto with Mr. Harrell last season (he did not bring 'Monty') it seemed timely to listen to Lynne Harrell play one of the more famous works for cello and piano.

The melodies in Schubert's 'Arpeggione' sonata are easily recognized.  Even if the composition's namesake is an obsolete fossil, the music, (able to be performed on the modern viola or cello) has endured as one of Schubert's more popular chamber works.

The piece has its downfalls, in my opinion, but in the hands of masters like Harrell and Levine it is elevated from the ranks of amateurs and we are reminded why Schubert is regarded as a master of his craft.

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