Thursday, March 28, 2013

Chuck Berry
"The London Chuck Berry Sessions" (Vinyl)

Released in 1972, the album cover betrays the topical tastes of the early 70's.  In short, the Beatles' 'Yellow Submarine' had passed through briefly before this album artwork was created.

The problem with early 'classic' rock n' roll artists is their music only existed on 45 rpm singles and was not released on tradition 12" vinyl for years after their initial release.  In the 1950's and 60's when many of Chuck Berry's most influential rock n' roll songs were recorded and released, they were sent to radio stations as singles and it was the only way for you to listen to it at home.  It wasn't until years later that artists like Berry (and others) made formal recordings in the studio.

The music on this album isn't quite the vivacious, spirited music we quickly associate with Mr. Berry.  Rather, it's an album steeped in the Blues and treated with the deliberateness of a middle-aged man.  To date, this is Chuck Berry's highest-charting, best-selling album of his career.

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