Sunday, March 03, 2013

Leonard Bernstein, Concertgebouw
"Mahler: Symphony no. 9" (CD)

This recording was made during the Concertgebouw Orchestra's summer festival in 1985.  It is a live recording.  Such statements like that make me sick.  These guys sound really good.

Bernstein recorded an entire Mahler cycle with the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam over the later course of his career.  Deutsche Grammophon released all of these recordings.

Mahler's ninth symphony was the last one that he completed before his death.  He would finish an Adagio for a tenth symphony, but Mahler's inability to surpass the ninth symphony was viewed as an omen by a generation of musicians who still lived in the shadow of Beethoven's monolithic symphonic contribution.

I may be performing this work this upcoming season, so I'm doing some preliminary listening to find out how big of a mountain lies in front of me.

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