Friday, January 04, 2013

Babin, Goldberg, Primrose & Graudan
"Brahms: Piano Quartet in A op. 26" (Vinyl)

When Brahms wrote something that actually made it to the publisher, it was instantly part of the repertoire canon.  This is largely due to Brahms' own harsh criticism that led him to destroy many many drafts of his compositions because he deemed them unworthy.

There is a great deal of Brahms' output that I'm unfamiliar with.  There's no great reason for this; I'm simply lazy.  Most of the time I only familiarize myself with a composition (particularly chamber music) because I'm going to be performing it.   This piece of music should be known by me, regardless of whether or not I perform it.

The line-up is legendary: Victor Babin on piano, Szymon Goldberg on violin and the seminal William Primrose on viola. The only name I'm not familiar with is Nikolai Graudan - I'm not sure if I've seen his name before.

This is an RCA shaded dog in beautiful condition.

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