Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Stu Gardner, Grover Washington Jr., Bill Cosby
"Total Happiness: Music from the Cosby Show vol. II" (Vinyl)

This is kind of a strange album.  Some of the music I recognize from re-runs of the Cosby Show (like "He Moves Funny" which was the theme song from 1986 - 1987) but most of the music on here I think is extended versions of bumper music; the snippets of music that would play between scenes or before and after commercial breaks.

I suppose most people don't consider that all of these tunes actually exist in entirety somewhere, and here they are.  Beyond that, Stu Gardner, the composer, has enlisted the help of lost of 80's jazz all-stars including Grover Washington Jr., Ray Parker Jr., Billy Preston, Herbie Hancock and Brandford Marsalis.  Bill Cosby himself even gets in on the percussion every once in a while.

As music goes, it's all contemporary latin-infused high-production stuff.  I'm not sure I'll keep this rather odd album...

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