Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ginny Owens
"Without Condition" (CD)

This is yet another album that has been following me around for a long time.  And when was the last time I listened to it? I can't even remember... And yet, this album has made it through multiple purges of the CD collection.  So what is it about this record?

This is Ms. Owens' debut release on Michael W. Smith's Rocketown Records.  It contains her biggest hit, the sublime "If You Want Me To," but it's also got the groovy personal favorites "I Wanna be Moved" and "Free."

This album is unapologetically Christian.  All of Ginny's lyrics are poignantly relating another aspect of her faith and she does it much more effectively than a lot of Christian artists do.
Ms. Owens has never enjoyed massive success, but has continued to release records over the last 12 years including 2011's "Get In, I'm Driving."  That's not funny until you know that Ginny Owens is blind.

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