Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sir Neville Marriner, Acadey of St. Martin in the Fields
"Bach: Orchestral Suite no. 3 in D BWV 1068" (Vinyl)

This is a Danish release of a double LP that apparently has sold in numerous incarnations across the globe.  I could not find a photo of my exact set, so I had to take my own.

The history behind a musical form like Bach's orchestral suites is lost but to a small group of academics who enjoy talking about these things.

It should suffice to say that the amount of entertainment-purposed orchestra works that Bach composed fit into a small pile.  Most famously, his Brandenburg concertos, but also these suites which are more egalitarian in their approach.

The third suite contains one of Bach's most famous works, the Air on the G String.  Today, in our limited understanding, is considered cannon fodder for wedding and funerals, but is truly an amazing work of simple beauty.

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