Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Happy New Year! Happy to be back at it...

Herbie Hancock
"Traces" (Vinyl)

I had no idea what kind of can o' worms I was opening when I googled "Herbie Hancock, Traces" As it turns out, the music on this album has been released and attributed to at least two other jazz artists on the recording.

This version, originally released in 1970 saw all three tracks released on an album called Kawaida by drummer Albert Tootie Heath. Since then, it's been in and out of print one labels from around the world.  By some accounts, this is a very hard-to-find Hancock record. Perhaps I should be excited to have found it for a mere $3.
The album was released on a rather flimsy looking/feeling Up-Front label.

The jazz on here is free-form explorations rooted in afro-centric rhythm and modes.  That might be the most expansive analysis for a jazz record for me yet.

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