Wednesday, January 23, 2013

G. Love & Special Sauce
"Electric Mile" (CD)

This CD was basically accidentally discovered in my CD collection. Sandwiched in with another disc, I vaguely remember buying this album once upon a time.  Perhaps closer to when it was a new release in 2001.

Anyway, it's earned another listen if for no other reason than because its refused to go away.

Described as an "alternative hip-hop group" from Philadelphia, GL&SS should almost be offended by such a narrow description.  Their influences encompass nearly everything you can think of: jazz, hip-hop, soul, funk, jazz, zydeco, folk, boogie, rock, etc.
It sounds a little bit like so many other things you've heard of.  The question is: does it find its own voice?

I'll have to keep listening to this one before making a determination; its recipe sounds like so many things I'd be digging - if it's not immediately grabbing me by the lapel, perhaps I'm not hearing it in the right light.

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