Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Beatles
"Rubber Soul" (CD)

I'd better be careful.  Reviewing an album like this is asking for trouble, no matter my opinion.

Released in December 1965, it was their sixth album and demonstrated the Fab Four's developing musical styles.
While 'Help!' (released in August of 1965) is still mostly reminiscent of the mop-headed Ed Sullivan pop superstars, 'Rubber Soul' begins the evolution from chart-toppers to musical icons.  Within a few short years the Beatles would be producing music that musicologists will be teaching for generations to come.

'Soul' has its own notable successes, ("Drive My Car,""Michelle") but I think it's best to think of this album as a doorway into the Next.  Even if you're not a hardcore fan, you wouldn't regret owning this album.

This particular CD (I'm presuming) to be the 1987 stereo re-mix that George Martin did.  Let's put aside all of the mono vs. stereo '65/2009 talk until I own all of it. I'm sure it'll happen some day.

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