Sunday, February 10, 2013

Anne-Sophie Mutter, Kurt Masur
"Beethoven: Violin Concerto, Romances" (CD)

Anne-Sophie Mutter has enjoyed a prominence as a concert violinist that is rarely seen today.  She may have come along a the right time, ready to be held up by the likes of Herbert von Karajan, whereas after that time, we haven't seen anyone rise with the same superhero status as the famed German conductor.

This recording is probably the sort of conversation topic where four people in the room love it and the next seven can't stand it.  I don't know Beethoven's violin concerto well enough to have such firm opinions, but it is enjoyable to sit here listening to her beautiful, wonderful sound and remind myself of what it can and should sound like.

Kurt Masur leads the New York Philharmonic on this live recording that was originally released in 2002 at the end of Masur's tenure as music director for the Philharmonic.  Let me repeat a bit of that again: live recording.  Now I don't care about anyone's feelings for her interpretation.

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