Monday, February 25, 2013

Heifetz, Primrose & Feuermann
"Dohnanyi: Serenade" (Vinyl)

I found this recording amongst the literal trove of records I brought back with me from Omaha.  It will take me a while to listen to all of them.  I'm not making this task any easier...

Ironically, the last time I stopped in this particular antique gallery I found another recording of the Dohnanyi serenade. 
This one is an RCA re-issue of a shaded dog Victor recording featuring the one-the-only Jascha Heifetz, William Primrose and Emmanuel Feuermann playing (what was then) the newly-composed treasure, Ernst Dohnanyi's 'Serenade' for string trio.   

The recording technology wasn't great at this point, so there's an adequate level of 'muffle' going on, but it's not enough to stand in the way of hearing these three musicians at the height of their power.

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