Sunday, February 03, 2013

Lorin Maazel, Cleveland Orchestra
"Beethoven: Symphony no. 7" (Vinyl)

I have three cycles of the Beethoven symphonies recorded by Cleveland.  Perhaps there are more (Rodzinski?) but my incomplete knowledge today knows only of the Szell, Maazel and Dohnanyi cycles.

Collecting recordings of the Cleveland Orchestra should be its own sub-hobby for me.  The great affectation with which I listen to this ensemble not only recollects my college days, but I'm constantly able to learn from them about how to behave as a musician, both on and off stage.

Beethoven's seventh symphony is in my top three favorites.  I was having a discussion to decide if I was really serious about this, and we decided it was a race between the third, the sixth and the seventh.
I wholeheartedly believe that if I was confronted with someone unfamiliar with classical music at all and needed to be taught of its value, all I would have to do is play the slow movement ('Allegretto') from this symphony.  Not a word need be said.

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