Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Silvestre Mendez
"Oriza" (Vinyl)

Another thrift store find of the day, I am quite excited at finding this one.  Since I consider myself a participant in the revival of interest of soul, funk and Afro-beat music championed by the likes of Dap-tone, it is really interesting to hear an album of Afro-Cuban music. From 1958.

On the back of the jacket it goes into explanation for what all of the instruments you hear on the album are.  It is exciting to realize that at this point in time, the audience didn't recognize the sound of a conga, bongo or cow bell.

The album sounds much like you would expect: a group of boys that have played this music together for years.  Decades later, music like this would enjoy its own revival through albums such as the 'Buena Vista Social Club.'

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