Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Henri Rene
"Riot in Rhythm" (Vinyl)

Released in 1959, this album self-proclaims itself to be a glimpse at the rowdy side of music director/arranger Henri Rene after years of helming the RCA Victor orchestras as principal orchestrator and arranger.

The music is swingin' jazz with a heavy flavor of latin beats throughout. 

There's little about Mr. Rene to read online except for the fact that he served the Allies during WWII and after returning to the US became a part of the RCA Victor family for decades before striking out on his own. 

I found this in a thrift shop, and while many of these slow-swinging cocktail-sipping records can be found, I'm learning it's half instinct and half knowledge to help weed through the boring to the interesting ones.  This is definitely an interesting one.

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