Monday, February 11, 2013

Itzhak Perlman, Leinsdorf
"Prokofiev: Concerto no. 2" (Vinyl)

This is a re-release of one of Perlman's earliest recordings (I believe he originally recorded both the Prokofiev and Sibelius with Leinsdorf on an LP released in 1967.)

The jacket isn't an improvement, but the recording itself is a sturdy "Gold Seal" RCA which they still took great care to release properly.
The recording itself sounds untouched/re-mastered which means you hear all of the sounds the 21-year old violinist made during his meteoric rise to be the greatest violinist of the late 20th century.

Update: I decided it prudent to check, since the original '67 jacket looked familiar.  Yes, I do in fact own a copy of the original RCA red label release.  This review will work for both copies as I won't keep the later Gold Seal copy.   That's what I get for filing it under Prokofiev and Sibelius violin concertos.

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