Monday, February 25, 2013

Frank Zappa
"Hot Rats" (CD)

Meanwhile, in another galaxy, Zappa was forging ahead in his exploration of the musical universe...

Released in 1969, this was Zappa's first solo project after the dissolution of the Mothers of Invention.   To put it in context, this was the same year the Beatles released 'Abbey Road' and the same year of Led Zeppelin's debut. 

In contrast, 'Hot Rats' opens with the instrumental 'Peaches in Regalia' which features soprano saxophones and oboes. 

Zappa was unafraid in a way I don't know if we've ever seen elsewhere.  His ability to look to new horizons may be unmatched in his interest in the cross-pollination of genres and art forms. 
Mr. Zappa has to be near the top of a list of artists I need to know more about.

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