Friday, February 01, 2013

The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra w/ Warren Covington
"Tea for Two Cha Chas" (Vinyl)

Today we have a beautifully preserved Decca stereo record that looks like its been played twice in the last seventy years.  Yay for us!

Tommy Dorsey is a gold standard in big band jazz (we'll see other recordings of his on here) so it shouldn't surprise that, just like today, his ensemble would endure after his death in 1956.  Warren Covington took over the leadership role and released this successful album in 1958.

Today this genre of music is more associated with ironic comedy, but in the day it was as innocent and pure as sunlight.     To top it off, it's been recorded beautifully.  It's fun hearing this era of music-making preserved so well.

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