Thursday, February 14, 2013

Rudolf Serkin, Ormandy
"Beethoven: Piano Concerto no. 2" (Vinyl)

Rudolf Serkin recorded the piano concertos of Beethoven at least twice in his long career.  This cycle, done in the 50's and 60's has been available in one form or another in countless ways over the decades.  Later, he would record an entire cycle for Telarc with Seiji Ozawa and the Boston Symphony.

I've already learned that this "complete" cycle was released separately  on Columbia Masterworks LPs that I'll be eagerly keeping my eyes open for - their value would certainly be higher, and it makes more sense that these recordings would be divided by the conductor/orchestra Serkin performs with.  During this age, New York and Philadelphia had a healthy competition; it would be uncommon for them to appear alongside one another in a single compendium.

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