Monday, February 04, 2013

Eric Clapton
"Slowhand" (CD)

This was Clapton's fifth solo album, released in 1977.  Clapton's solo path had been cemented by this point, and this is regarded as the high-water mark for his solo ouput.

I've been trying to understand the cultural need to proclaim Clapton the King of Guitar.  (I'm sorry, Clapton is god.  I misspoke.) I'm a big fan of Cream and the giant, fuzzy riff-laden heavy rock phase the world stumbled through in the late 60's, but once Clapton struck out on his own, I find many of his big hits to be pretty mild in the hot sauce of life.

Clapton himself is the first to admit he acts as a mirror for his favorite influences, whether that be recording Robert Johnson's tunes or an entire album with B.B. King.  Clapton is the first to speak up and tell everyone his stylings are often not his own.  So why is people treat his music like is revolutionary or even new? I have a list of guitarists I adore and Clapton's not on it.

Still, this is an album I will keep on hand because I have the sense that I may come to grow into an understanding, an appreciation for the adult Clapton that I don't possess today.

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