Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Karajan, Berlin Philharmonic
"Brahms, Dvorak: Dances " (Vinyl)

The inimitable Herbert von Karajan leads the incomparable Berlin Philharmonic through a series of dances composed by Brahms and Dvorak.  Some of these are very well known, some less so, but all are given the care and finesse they deserve.  Some are appropriately charming while others are romantic.

This may seem like a recording project beneath the caliber of the Berlin Phil and Karajan, but I think it speaks to the music: Karajan regarded these slavic showpieces as worthy of inclusion along with Brahms and Dvorak's other works.

This is a Deutsche Grammaphon with the lesser-seen tulip label.  I'm told this is the equivalent of RCA shaded dogs in terms of their rarity and desirability.

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