Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Led Zeppelin
"Led Zeppelin" (CD + Vinyl)

In 1969, unbeknownst to the world, the Beatles were on the verge of break-up.  It causes any musical mind to question "what's next?"
The most explosive, exploratory music-making group in history had accomplished more in six years than anyone else has even attempted in a lifetime.

Minds like Clapton, Beck et al were leaning towards the "heavier" riff-oriented rock, but it took these four lads to give shape to the next decade of music.  Blues, ballads, folk, heavy rock, metal...it all comes from here, and it all starts here.

This is how debuts should be.  Bursting from the womb fully-formed and raging, I can think of few other examples where their lead-off album would go on to contain so many of their classic cuts. 

Zeppelin will stand amongst the greatest rock acts of all time. Their chemistry is key, but for me the one key ingredient that helped propel Zeppelin to uncharted heights was John Bonham's drumming which was the closest thing to maniacal precision I've ever heard.

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